On February 1st 2020, we kicked off the very first day of pride month with a celebration of queer and local talents here in Aotearoa!

Our Rainbow Show was New Zealand's first ever Talent Show organised by queer and gender diverse Filipinos and we are excited to pave the way for the South East Asian LGBTQ community to have more visibility in pride! It was designed to create a space that showcases a variety of talents from all walks of life and we want to congratulate and show gratitude to those that came to share these talents with us all.

This event was made possible through the Pride & Spark Empowerment Initiative. Massive thanks to Auckland Pride Festival for welcoming us and giving us a platform to be seen. Thank you as well to everyone who turned up and supported our cause!

All funds raised yesterday will be used to support our charity and future projects, so every bit helps us immensely.

Watch out for another bigger and better show next year!

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Photos by: Dreigh Loyola

Videos by: Mary Antoinette Dy Ybañez

See videos here